Hike In Motorcycle Prices By Pak Suzuki

Hike in Prices by Suzuki

2020 seems to be a tough year for everyone. Individuals, businesses, and industries, are all struggling to make it through the pandemic that broke out a few months ago.

Pak Suzuki joined the party as it raised the prices for its motorcycles. Previously, Atlas Honda and Yamaha did the same. Pak Suzuki says that the new prices include not only the ex-factory product price but freight charges as well.

The new prices have been implemented since July 1, 2020. Below are the price changes announced by the notification:

Suzuki GD110S Rs 172,000 Rs 175,000
Suzuki GS150 Rs 182,000 Rs 185,000
Suzuki GS150SE Rs 199,000 Rs 202,000
Suzuki GR150 Rs 273,000 Rs 279,000
Suzuki Gixxer 150 Rs 549,000 Rs 579,000

These prices are for motorcycles that are sold by dealerships. The notification further stated that the prices can be changed any time without a prior notice. The customer, at the time of purchase, shall have to pay the rate that is in effect at that particular time. Any government tax applicable will be charged to the customer,” the notification read.

The hike in price by Atlas Honda and Yamaha

Just yesterday, Honda increased the price of its bike by Rs 20,000. However, lowest of all these increases, is Yamaha’s increase in its bike prices i.e. Rs 6,000. The new prices by Honda are mentioned below:

CD70 Rs 76,000
CG125 Rs 128,900
CB150f Rs 239,500

The increase in prices of Yamaha by Toyota Motors is mentioned below:

Yamaha YB125Z Rs 151,000
Yamaha YBR 125G Rs 178,000
YBR125 Rs 169,000

This significant increase in prices by these auto manufacturers will obviously slow down the auto industry even more. It’s a complicated situation right now as industries are trying to survive through this rough patch but by increasing prices, the consumers are just drawn back from purchasing a vehicle since many are going through a financial crunch right now.

We hope and pray that these times are over soon.

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