Total Human Model For Safety: Toyota’s Gift To Its Users

Driving always involves risks. Auto manufacturers are always in the quest of safer choices to make while engineering a vehicle. However, there are advanced softwares that increase safety of humans on the road.

Toyota has just recently announced that it is going to make its collision test software, Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS), public for users around the globe. The Japanese auto manufacturer will be making this public from January 2021.

What is Total Human Model for Safety?

THUMS is not just any software. It is a virtual human body model software program designed for computer analysis of human body injuries resulted from a vehicle collision. It was the world’s first virtual human body model software at the time of its launch in 2000.

Toyota’s suppliers, 100s of universities, research institutes and automakers were provided with this software earlier. Toyota aimed for these entities to develop safety technology like airbags and seatbelts. It is believed that this software can analyse injuries caused by collisions in deeper detail. It is more reliable as compared to crash tests in which human dummies are used.

Toyota has been opening access to this software to the world since last year. It isn’t being kept as a secret anymore. It gave free access to its 24,000 patents for electric vehicles, in 2019. The aim behind the access was to fuel electric hybrids and cell vehicles. After the software is made completely public, expectations are that there will be an increase in its mobility. People will be creative and make changes in it themselves.

In a statement given by Toyota, the free access is expected to, “improve the usability of the software, as users make improvements to the model themselves and share the results with others.”

This advance step will help give a better understanding to users about vehicle safety. Airbags and seatbelts will be seen as extremely important and must-have features in car.

Let’s hope that this software achieves its aim.

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Zainab Iqbal

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