Toyota Has Pulled The Plug On Yaris Sales In USA

Toyota jumps on the bandwagon of auto manufacturers that have been discontinuing their cars from different countries after a plunge in sales. Toyota is discontinuing, both, the sedan and hatchback variants. This is probably a full-stop for Yaris in the States. The company has informed all Toyota dealers in Southeast about the decision of stopping the production of Yaris sedan and hatchback.

2020 will be the last model year for both of the variants. June 2020 is going to be the last month of production of this car in the United States.

This is a decision based upon years of low sales of Yaris in the US. Since 2015, the car wasn’t the most wanted one. Only 21,916 units were sold in 2019. On the other hand, Toyota Corolla sold a total of 304,850 units. That’s a huge figure. It’s ironic because the Yaris sedan and hatchback are priced at $15,650 and $17,750 respectively, which is significantly lower than the starting costs of the variants of Corolla. Its sedan and hatchback can be bought for $19,600 and $20,290.

Launch in Pakistan and What Followed

Toyota Yaris was launched in Pakistan in March 2020. It has been a competitor of Honda City. Many people are also comparing the 1.3 litre variants of Corolla to the Yaris. The former became immensely popular among consumers in Pakistan.

Yaris wasn’t met with much luck after its launch as a nationwide lockdown was imposed right after. This resulted in terrible figures. There was no Yaris sold in April, while only 167 units were sold in May. Another major negative was the increase of price of Yaris by Toyota. The price hike was massive, from Rs 120,000 to Rs 150,000.

Toyota could be looking at better sales of Yaris in the current months as lockdown has been lifted weeks ago. We wish the company best of luck!

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